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New Skills in the Time of IoT

The unfortunate sacking of an employee in a well-known IT services company went viral in the social media last week and brought to the forefront some serious issues with regard to employment conditions, ethics and, more importantly, how one treats people. However, a deeper issue from the point of view of the IT employees and […]

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Getting Started with Digitalized Manufacturing Operations

I come across manufacturing managers who feel excited about the possibilities of a ‘connected’ shop floor and ‘connected’ products, but don’t know where and how to start. They are very experienced and knowledgeable and have been, in recent times, attending conferences on Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT. Many of them have worked with and have […]

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Indian Infrastructure - Case for 'Digitalizing' Construction Equipment and Heavy Machinery

With some justifiable pride the media has been writing about how two half-kilometre tunnels under the river Hoogly for the Kolkata Metro were built within a span of just 66 days, much ahead of time. The feat was made possible with the use of two special tunnel boring machines (TBMs) brought from Germany. These tunnels are a […]

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Why manufacturing needs to create intelligent products using Industrial IoT

It was not surprising to find the $125 billion conglomerate, GE, betting long-term on embedding intelligence into their products by pouring billions of dollars under Jeff Immelt. The digital thrust will continue under the leadership of John Flannery, the CEO designate. Products have the potential to emit a gold mine of data. It would be near-sighted […]

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A tragedy and a tale of corruption

The Hindu has carried two news reports today. In the first, a young machine operator’s life was tragically cut short when the boom of the jaw cutting machine fell on him when he was trying to check an oil leak that had sprung up in the vehicle. In the other, it ran an investigative report on how contractors entrusted […]

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