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Remote Management

Cairn Oil's Barmer plant ran at nearly 90% capacity with only 20% of their workers working onsite during lockdown. Cairn had invested in automation which bore them fruit during these COVID times. ( Similarly, John Deere has a web portal for the equipment users which helps them to remotely manage their machines connecting through the […]

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Reconnect During Lockdown

Digitalization has been causing tectonic shifts in industry after industry even before the pandemic hit us. Artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud, the Internet of Things and other digital technologies are decimating the old ways of running businesses and creating new business models and revenue streams. So, what will happen in the post-pandemic world? Most certainly, […]

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How Equipment Owners can do a Favor to their OEM Suppliers and Earn from it.

I have been in conversation with a large manufacturing company who need support for an assembly line test equipment and data analytics. (This is an interesting story by itself and I shall talk about it in a later article.) I came to know recently from them that a team there is also looking to retrofit […]

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A Whodunit story - Interesting Uses of Facial Recognition and AI

iPhone X is out. The most hyped feature on this mean machine is its 3-D facial recognition feature which authenticates the user before the phone can be opened and used. In other words, you can now say good bye to fingerprint, PIN or password based authentication.  Apparently, the feature is pretty accurate and it cannot […]

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Getting lean with Industry 4.0

Over the years ‘Lean’ has become one of the most practiced methodologies for manufacturing industries to become more profitable. Lean principles are quite generic and are now used by the services industry also. At the core of the Lean is the philosophy of generating more value for your customer by reducing waste. As manufacturing embraces Industry […]

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