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Profit from Connected Machines. This is the promise from Digi2O.

IT/OT Convergence for Industrial IoT

Digi2O is a full service Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting Company in Chennai, India.
McKinsey estimated that IoT will have a potential economic impact of up to $6.2 trillion by 2025. IoT has the potential to drive productivity and operating costs valued at $36 trillion across multiple industries, including manufacturing, health care, and mining.

Digitalization and Internet of Things (IoT) have a variety of application for businesses in all industries. Organizations are yet to have a concrete digital transformation and an IoT strategy. Digi2O teams-up with Organizations who are forward looking, motivated to gain a competitive advantage and demonstrate the impact of IoT Solutions.

Digi2O Internet of Things (IoT) expertise comprises complete value chain of IoT i.e., sensors, cloud based application development, data connectivity, IoT analytics, data security and allied services.

Digi2O Industrial IoT Consulting Services

Our Team has full-cycle implementation experience in integrating SCADA, remote terminal units, programmable logic controllers, meters and sensors to bring ideas into reality. We work with industry leading IoT platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, Siemens Mindsphere, Google Cloud, ThingSpeak and Ubidots.

IIoT Consulting Services

From charting out a strategic path for our clients' IoT journey, Digi2O delivers Roadmaps, Value Stream Mapping, Use Case Definition, Solution Blueprinting, Business KPIs and ROI Mapping. Digi2O runs proof-of-concepts to demonstrate value of IoT initiatives.

IIoT Integration & Implementation

Along with rich IoT engineering expertise, Digi2O has Information Technology Expertise to capture and digitalize micro data signals, automate workflows and transform data into insights with help of advanced machine learning and advanced analytics techniques. 

How can we help?

• Chart out a tailored IoT Strategy for your manufacturing industry niche
• Architect the complex integration of scalable IoT products & business models
• Partner for running affordable IoT proof of concepts and demonstrate value
• Developing Industrial IoT applications that are seamless across mobile devices
• Project managing full-blown IoT implementations with robust governance
• Capture IoT data, visualize, transform and build advanced analytics models
• Manage change, governance and maintain excellent documentation

Industry wise Internet of Things (IoT) Use Cases

IoT for Automotive Industry
• Real-Time Tracking
• Predictive Maintenance
• Connected Vehicles
• Fleet Management
IoT for Manufacturing Industry
• Remote Monitoring
• Intelligent Quality Automation
• Connected Machines
• Asset Tracking
IoT for Energy Industry
• Smart Metering
• Edge Analytics
• Smart Grid
• Process Optimization

IIoT Proof-of Concepts


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Digi2O is your Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Partner in India to profit from your connected machines. Connect with us for accelerating your IoT initiatives from Idea to Execution. Our solution-centric approach and flexible engagement models will help justify your IoT Investments.
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