Digi2O’s Digital Information for Diagnostics and Analytics (DIDA) measures critical-to-performance and critical-to-quality data from machines & machine components.
Digi2O’s Digital Information for Diagnostics and Analytics (DIDA) is a device that can measure critical-to-performance and critical-to-quality data from machines and machine components. This ensures that product end users, plant managers and product engineers get useful information virtually immediately. 

Information may be about something that has gone wrong and needs replacement or repair. Many a time such a thing is not visible or apparent to the user. Or alerts regarding something that is likely to breakdown soon. For instance, if a bearing is due for replacement or if a shaft is likely to break in the next few hours.

The device has the ability to communicate data to remote computers to enable online/offline data analytics. R&D, product design and product development engineers and scientists have used/can use this device to analyse data from the field quickly by sitting in a remote location. As an example, if you are studying the performance of an electric vehicle from your office by collecting data from its on board computers or ECUs as the vehicle is driven through the countryside.
Customers have also used this device to control the operations of an equipment automatically based on the critical parameters that are measured by the device.

Vital Reports from DIDA

  • Differential Pressure Graph - DIDA

  • Temperature Graph - DIDA

  • Motor Current - DIDA

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