Circuit+ Case Study

Implemented Circuit+ for monitoring health of electrical circuits of vehicles for one of the largest commercial vehicle OEMs in India.

The client is one of the largest commercial vehicle OEMs in India. Circuit Checks are very important for the digital smart automation of vehicles to run, perform and delight customers in the long-run. 


The time taken to detect and locate vehicle circuitry
problems at line of assembly and in service centers is very high. This affects productivity and ultimately production goals. Delays caused vary from 3 hours to 3 days.

Studies in the past has educated that 25% end of line problems happen due to electrical circuits. The client sought out ideas to improve throughput and quality using preventative methods.

Digi2O’s CIRCUIT+ provides customized data-driven
intelligent solutions to rapidly test electrical circuits and provide reports in a fraction of the time taken using currently available methods. Data analytics supports real time intelligence on operations, vendor, process and product quality, warranty and service. Dashboards and reports help the OEM to understand issues at a granular level – such as by plant, by line, by stage, by operator, by vendor, by region, by service center and so on.


Lowered circuit test time and costs, lowered rework, lowered warranty and service costs, analytics based intelligent decisions leading to improved design, vendor, process and product quality.

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