Digital Image Processing System

Demonstrated the use of image Processing for doing non-contact measurements of complex regular objects with an accuracy of 0.5 mm.

The client is a large pre-heater basket manufacturer headquartered in India with operations across the Globe.


Conducting non-contact measurements of complex regular objects with industry's best accuracy levels. 

Digi2O has demonstrated the use of images for doing non-contact measurements of complex regular objects. This was a requirement from an air pre-heater basket manufacturer where the outside dimensions of the basket from all sides had to be measured. Similar techniques are being used by Digi2O for measuring weights of large rocks and boulders that are required for the construction industry.

Using similar technologies Digi2O is currently engaged in developing a solution for determining the fragment size distribution of a rock pile in the rock blasting industry. This in turn enables the evaluation of explosives used and blast design in order to obtain the required size of the fragments. This has utility in industries such mining, quarrying and material handling. 


We demonstrated a proof of concept which allowed us to measure within an accuracy of 0.5mm. 

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