Intelligent Flashing Solution

Digi2O's DIFU flashing solution reduces TAKT Time in testing ECU for boosting automotive engine performance.

Our Client runs India operations of one of the largest commercial vehicle OEMs in the world.


To reduce TAKT Time at assembly by using offline flashing unit for ECUs.

Digi2O’s DIFU is an affordable ECU flasher that seamlessly transports the ECU program from the company servers to the ECUs mounted on the bed of the flashing unit and installs the same. It is controlled from a touch interface that allows the operator to select automatically the program to be flashed based on the ECU mounted. Up to 4 units can be flashed at one go with a potential to expand the number. At the end of the flashing process the system tests the ECUs to check if the program has been installed correctly and display errors, if any. MIS reports provide information on number of ECUs flashed in a given shift, numbers having errors, operator traceability and so on.


Lower TAKT Time at assembly by moving the flashing process off line. Earlier detection of problems and errors.

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