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What do we do?

Our experience in using digital image processing algorithms has helped us provide some interesting solutions to some complex industry problems. Our multidimensional models provide accurate results in the areas of Object / Defect Detection, Measurement, Identification and Classification.

Our range of work includes measuring sizes (object and particles), wheel alignment (a special case of measurement), face recognition and count, image classification to discover and flag off fake or inappropriate videos and so on.

Our deep knowledge on the application of machine learning and neural network models stands us in good stead in providing diagnostic, prognostic and detection solutions.

For our case studies in Computer Vision solutions please check out our Case Studies section under Resources.


22nd February 2024
Unlocking Efficiency: The Power of Predictive Maintenance

In today's fast-paced industrial landscape, unplanned downtime can be a formidable adversary, wreaking havoc on production schedules and bottom lines alike. Whether it's a toy factory grappling with ageing machinery or a power plant striving to keep the lights on, the consequences of unexpected breakdowns are universally daunting. But fear not, for there exists a […]

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16th February 2024
Unlocking Supply Chain Transparency with Blockchain Technology

In today's global marketplace, consumers and businesses alike are increasingly concerned about the transparency and integrity of supply chains. From the food we eat to the products we purchase, there's a growing demand for greater visibility into how goods are sourced, produced, and delivered. Enter blockchain technology, a revolutionary solution poised to transform supply chain […]

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8th February 2024
Transforming Medicine with 3D Printing: A Story of Innovation and Collaboration

Deep within the annals of medical history, the convergence of technology and healthcare has birthed a revolutionary era, propelled by the advent of 3D printing. This narrative chronicles the remarkable journey of the Innovative Institute of Technology (IIoT), where the fusion of medicine and cutting-edge engineering has redefined the landscape of patient care.  The Genesis: […]

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