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Embedding life stories in your products

In a recent visit to a customer’s plant we were provided with a thought-provoking use case. The plant produces automobile sheet metal parts. The customer asked if we could in some way help them track the part produced beyond its assembly at the automobile manufacturer’s factory and into the lifetime of the vehicle while it […]

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Top 5 things to do right to succeed with your data analytics project

As an engineer-manager in manufacturing you have been exposed to the concepts of Industry 4.0. You are now aware of the huge benefits that data from connected machines can bring for you and your customers. You have now decided to get started with an IoT project to see for yourself. All IoT solutions are basically […]

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Are you progressing through regression?

We understood how to predict an anomaly in a specific measurement parameter such as temperature in the last article by using control charting technique. The Regression Technique Another important technique to predict an outcome is the regression analysis. A regression analysis is used to predict the value of a dependent variable (say cutting tool life) on an […]

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How data analysis works

Last time I wrote that data collected from connected machines and stored can support predictive maintenance and add valuable inputs for you to improve your product design. However, it is good to have a basic understanding of how this works and one need not be a statistician to know the basic concepts. Today we will see […]

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Product Designers - are you looking at data as you should?

As companies start thinking about connecting their machines to other machines and larger systems (read IoT!) they are probably focusing more on almost real-time decision making and autonomous action. However, there is also a huge goldmine that lies in the data that gets captured and stored by them and that can help them to better […]

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