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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Profit from Connected Machines

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Digital Information for Diagnostics & Analytics (DIDA)

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IIoT for Automotive HVAC

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CIRCUIT+ Case Study

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Digi2O - Industrial IoT Products

Digi2O specializes in building Industrial IoT application solutions for delivering operational intelligence, accelerated productivity, predictive maintenance and data-driven manufacturing decision making.
Digital Information for Diagnostics and Analytics (DIDA) is a device that can measure critical-to-performance and critical-to-quality data from machines and machine components
CIRCUIT+ is a portable device that tests low voltage electrical circuits in automotive vehicles at the click of a few buttons and publishes the test result in less than a minute.

Digi2O Industrial IOT Solutions

Digi2O specializes in building Industrial IoT solutions for delivering operational intelligence, accelerated productivity, predictive maintenance and data-driven manufacturing decision making. Intelligent Digital Transformation has been both a disruptor and a blessing in a connected era and an interconnected World.

Digi2O - Industrial IoT Services

Digi2O an Industrial IoT Services Company in Chennai enables businesses profit from Connected Machines through data Capture, Data Integration and providing actionable insights in the Industrial IoT domain.

IIoT Consulting Services

Digi2O Internet of Things (IoT) expertise caters to the complete life cycle of IoT initiatives. i.e., sensors, cloud based application development, data connectivity, IoT analytics, data security and allied services.
Industrial Internet of things IIoT Companies in Chennai India
Industrial Internet of things IIoT Analytics Companies in Chennai India

IIoT Analytics Services

Digi2O draws upon shop floor intelligence and offers predictive maintenance analytics solutions for Industrial IoT enabling preventive maintenance, eliminating unplanned downtime & increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Case Studies

Automotive HVAC for a Global OEM Supplier

Digi2O worked with a multi-billion dollar automotive company to perform real-time diagnostics for their HVAC systems. We analysed the impact of various subsystems that affect life and efficiency to improve performance.

Circuit+ Intelligent Testing

Digi2O worked with a leading commercial vehicle OEM to reduce time to detect and locate vehicle circuitry problems at line, in service centres thereby improving throughput, quality & reduction of warranty costs.

Digital Image Processing System

Digi2O has worked with a large engineering company manufacturing heat exchangers & demonstrated the use of image Processing for doing non-contact measurements of complex regular objects with 0.5 mm accuracy

Featured Clients

  • UCAL Fuel Systems
    Anand Automotive
    Ashok Leyland
    Daimler India

Featured Clients

UCAL Fuel SystemsAnand Automotive LogoAshok LeylandDaimler India

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