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Profit from connected machines is our motto. 

Welcome to the Connected Future

Welcome to the Connected Future, The Era of Inter-Connected Devices. Digi2O is an Industrial IoT Services Company in Chennai, India helping Global businesses profit from Connected Machines. By solving the Data Capture and Data Integration challenge in the Industrial IoT domain, Digi2O establishes itself as a promising IoT player.

Digi2O - Industrial IOT Capabilities

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• Smarter Circuits
• Connected Machines
• Intelligent Quality Automation
• Smart Grid & Smart Metering
• Smart Home Automation


• Real-time Tracking
• Predictive Monitoring
• Preventive Maintenance
• Smart Factory Automation
• Connected & Distributed Data

IIoT Services

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Industrial Internet of things IIoT Companies in Chennai India

Industrial IoT Consulting Services

Digi2O Internet of Things (IoT) expertise caters to the complete life cycle of IoT initiatives. i.e., sensors, cloud based application development, data connectivity, IoT analytics, data security and allied services.

Industrial IoT Analytics Services

Digi2O draw upon shop floor intelligence and offers predictive maintenance analytics solutions for Industrial IoT enabling preventive maintenance, eliminating unplanned downtime & increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
Industrial Internet of things IIoT Analytics Companies in Chennai India

Benefits of Industrial IoT Applications

Boosted Process Efficiency

Capturing data across connected machines and cloud computing boosts operational efficiency.     

Increased Overall Productivity

Intelligent Automation saves 1000s of man hours each month boosts overall productivity.

Simplified Business Processes

Sensors and intelligent devices efficiently process granular information and simplifies processes.

Better Business Performance

Actionable insights from 100s of data points that were never captured increases performance. 

New Revenue Streams

Explore IoT solutions to create newer revenue streams for your business. Discuss today.

Optimal Asset Utilization

From preventive maintenance to process optimization, utilization becomes optimal.

Increased Revenue & Bottom line

Productivity, data-driven decision making and operational intelligence increases revenue & profits.

Innovation for End Consumers

Delight customers with innovative products and service offerings, gain mind-share, multiply income.

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Digi2O is your Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Partner in India to profit from your connected machines. Connect with us for accelerating your IoT initiatives from Idea to Execution. Our solution-centric approach and flexible engagement models will help justify your IoT Investments.
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