IoT Staff Augmentation Services

Accelerate speed to market with our Staff augmentation services.

Flexible Staffing Engagement Models

Digi2O has established a repute for its ability to network with industry and the academia to keep progressing with the vision of becoming the trusted IoT Partner for businesses. The IOT thought leadership built by its leaders, symbiotic relationships and expertise in swiftly spotting, grooming talent for building real-time IoT solutions puts Digi2O in a strategic position to be able to provide IOT Staff Augmentation Services to businesses in multiple models.

IoT Staffing Services

Choose the most suitable models to engage Digi2O for your IoT Staffing needs.

Strategic Hiring Partner

Digi2O can support in hiring and grooming quality talent who possess diverse skill sets that are needed to positively contribute to the IoT services Industry. Our expertise lies in conducting hands-on assessments to swiftly spot talent, on-board and nurture them.

IoT Staff Augmentation

Digi2O IOT academy conducts knowledge sessions, hands-on workshops and trainings for our employees, students, beginners and even mentors senior professionals. Discuss your project specific talent need so that we could ramp up your team with needed IoT skillsets.

Dedicated Extended Teams

Digi2O is flexible. We partner with businesses in plug & play, pay-as-you-use and scale as you grow models when it comes to resource-sharing and managed services projects. Discuss with us your talent needs to work out a win-win situation from Idea to Market.

Outcome Based Model

Digi2O is confident of its ability to successfully demonstrate results for highly complex Industrial IOT use cases. Hence we welcome collaborative partnerships where we can work on an outcome based model and deliver desired results.

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