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Digi2O’s mantra: iThink: Digi2O inspires new thought. 
iDo: Digi2O transforms the thought to tangible use. iTell: Digi2O propagates the tangible use
3+ Years

Successful Growth

Started in 2017 and yet have achieved a lot with a team of highly passionate IoT Experts.
2 Products  

Strive for Excellence 

Built in-house, we have been able to demonstrate value by providing innovative IIoT Solutions.
12 Staff

Futuristic Talent

We are growing. Digi2O welcomes talented resources to build it into a company of the future.
92+ Years

Combined Experience

By nurturing talent as a practice, Digi2O builds a strong knowledge ecosystem in the IIoT field.

Digi2O Industrial IOT Solutions

Digi2O specializes in building Industrial IoT solutions for delivering operational intelligence, accelerated productivity, predictive maintenance and data-driven manufacturing decision making. Intelligent Digital Transformation has been both a disruptor and a blessing in a connected era and an interconnected World.


Help businesses innovate and attain profitable and sustainable growth through the use of digital technologies.


To support engineering companies
optimize processes and create smart products.

Our Story

The mobility industry is in the cusp of a digital revolution. The ‘connected’ vehicle will monitor its working parts real-time bringing safety, convenience and comfort to its owner. It will also communicate with other ‘intelligent’ vehicles and its surroundings for better transportation experience. In this scheme of things, we at Digi2O, are playing an important role.

Digi2O specializes in providing products and solutions to the mobility industry that support real time performance monitoring of equipment through data acquisition, communication and analytics. Our ultimate aim is to become the preferred partner of automotive OEMs and OEM suppliers globally to support them improve their products in terms of quality, reliability, safety, economy and sustainability.
Digi2O is a respected IIoT Start-up in Chennai incubated at MaDeIT Innovation Foundation within Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing (IIITDM), Chennai.

By demonstrating the IIoT expertise to several large engineering companies, Digi2O is fast establishing as one of the promising industrial IoT companies in India.





Leadership - Our Driver

People, Knowledge, Expertise, R&D, Expertise, R&D, Quality and Innovation

Trust - Our Oiler

Team Members, Customers, Partners, Suppliers
Making Promises, Keeping Promises, Honesty & Integrity in Dealings

Speed - Our Competitive Advantage

Responding to Customer, Learning, Building Products, Delivering

Join Our Team

We are keen to grow along with talented resources on our side. If your interest is to challenge the status quo, then Digi2O is the place for you. Browse through our available jobs and apply.  


Digi2O is your Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Partner in India to profit from your connected machines. Connect with us for accelerating your IoT initiatives from Idea to Execution. Our solution-centric approach and flexible engagement models will help justify your IoT Investments.
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