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Published by:
Dipankar Ghosh
8th June 2020

Cairn Oil's Barmer plant ran at nearly 90% capacity with only 20% of their workers working onsite during lockdown. Cairn had invested in automation which bore them fruit during these COVID times. (

Similarly, John Deere has a web portal for the equipment users which helps them to remotely manage their machines connecting through the Internet. (

Factories all over the world are now required to maintain strict norms of social distancing and hygiene, making them look at options of operating remotely.  This will allow for lowered physical presence of their workforce. 

Any technology that is used for remote operations and management must pass the 3 S test:

  • Safety - Not only should it eliminate the need for physical presence of their staff and therefore keep them out of harm's way, but also ensure that the technology is robust and reliable and does not introduce factors that make the operations unsafe
  • Security - Remote management and control systems require handling of data through networks and storage. Keeping the data secure is of paramount importance to eliminate information security risks that can, among other things, compromise safety
  • Sustainability - Introducing automated control systems must and should ensure that opportunity to save energy, water, environment and to eliminate other process wastages, is harnessed to the fullest extent. 

We, at Digi2O, have created intelligent digital systems that support informed and accelerated decision making and which improve the efficient use of your assets even from remote locations. 

We will be happy to share with you our capabilities over an interactive video session and understand how we can empower your business and improve its capability to operate remotely.

Please feel free to write back to me or request for a call back for the video session.

We pray for your good health and a bright digital future. Look forward to speak to you soon.

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