Reconnect During Lockdown

Published by:
Dipankar Ghosh
4th May 2020

Digitalization has been causing tectonic shifts in industry after industry even before the pandemic hit us. Artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud, the Internet of Things and other digital technologies are decimating the old ways of running businesses and creating new business models and revenue streams.

So, what will happen in the post-pandemic world? Most certainly, we feel, that these shifts will accelerate and those who invest early in digital transformation will thrive. Others may not survive at all.

Companies may need to urgently recalibrate their vision, mission and strategies to remain relevant. Some obvious effects will be:

  • the changing business models - product, production, delivery
  • the changing operating methods - less contact, more productivity (with less manpower)
  • more remote-controlled activities
  • the changing surveillance systems - including monitoring employee health and performance
  • more automated MIS for ensuring data integrity, quality and timeliness, and;
  • accelerated management decision-making process

One way to think about the future of our business is to imagine how we can Amazon-ise (or Google-ise/Uber-ise/Tesla-ise/Airbnb-ise) it - and even take it beyond that!! There is, however, no escape from making the leap towards digital transformation.

We, at Digi2O, have created intelligent digital systems that support informed and accelerated decision making, which improve the efficient use of capital and boost the ROCE / ROI for businesses.

We will be happy to share with you our capabilities over an interactive video session and understand how we can empower your business and improve its capability to survive such shocks in the future.

Please feel free to write back to me or request for a call back for a video session.

We pray for your good health and future and look forward to speak to you soon.

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