Let’s be proud: Swadeshi-ization of Microprocessors

Published by:
Dipankar Ghosh
6th October 2020
Did you know that almost all the microprocessors in the world are developed in countries such as the US, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea?

From the humble TV remote and mobile phones to sophisticated machines on the shop floor and rocket guidance systems, there is no way that you can do without the tiny microprocessor.

But, until now, only a handful of countries actually possessed the competency to design and develop microprocessors.

This is now changing.

IIT Madras, C-DAC and IIT Bombay have developed our own Swadeshi microprocessors supported by Government of India (MeitY). This is expected to bring the much needed indigenization of this technology so that we are self-supportive and help the building of safe and secure hardware in India.

Interestingly, MeitY has announced a Swadeshi Microprocessor Challenge that incentivises start-ups, institutions and individuals to build platforms around the Shakti (IIT M) and Vega (C-DAC) microprocessors for various applications.

We, at Digi2O, have partnered with a couple of leading research institutes to participate in this challenge. In line with our aspirations and goals we intend to build a platform that supports Industry 4.0 with affordable and easy-to-implement solutions.

We now need your support to make a meaningful product that meets your needs in all aspects.

Please feel free to get in touch with me by email (info@digi2o.com) or at 8754595872 and I will be more than happy to speak to you.

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