Doing Good!

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Dipankar Ghosh
24th December 2020
How do we do good with technology?

A team calling itself Project Awaazz has developed a technology using motion and infra-red sensors to detect potential hearing disability in children. This is a great boon for so many children in India that are born with hearing impairment every year. The technology ensures that corrective surgeries are done on time to prevent life-long deafness.

In Israel, they are using a mobile app to detect diseases in plants. All you do is to use a mobile app in your smartphone to scan the plant. Using OCR technology and data science it reveals the disease the plant is suffering from so that the farmer can take immediate action. Imagine the amount of costs saved for the farmer in finding the problem and attending it on time.

As this momentous year draws to a close, we at Digi2O, find it apt to reflect on how we could use technology to make real impact on the teeming millions.

You may be involved in building solutions that will make a difference and touch lives. Or have already done so. I request you to share your journey so we can learn. Or better still, join hands and do it together. Let not such a crisis go waste – as was once famously said!

Wishing you and your family a safe holiday season and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

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