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What do we do?

Our experience in using digital image processing algorithms has helped us provide some interesting solutions to some complex industry problems. Our multidimensional models provide accurate results in the areas of Object / Defect Detection, Measurement, Identification and Classification.

Our range of work includes measuring sizes (object and particles), wheel alignment (a special case of measurement), face recognition and count, image classification to discover and flag off fake, inappropriate videos and so on.

Our deep knowledge on the application of machine learning and neural network models stands us in good stead to provide diagnostic, prognostic and detection solutions.
For our case studies in Computer Vision solutions please check out our Case Studies section under Resources.


8th April 2021
Simplify your IoT decision and execution process

Why you should consider a simple framework to decode the IoT decision and execution process In a Mckinsey survey of 300 IoT practitioners, 40% identified that discovering and determining use cases and applications as a major capability gap for them. 48% mentioned managing data was another. Such gaps can, and do, contribute to IoT implementation […]

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24th December 2020
Doing Good!

How do we do good with technology? A team calling itself Project Awaazz has developed a technology using motion and infra-red sensors to detect potential hearing disability in children. This is a great boon for so many children in India that are born with hearing impairment every year. The technology ensures that corrective surgeries are […]

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6th October 2020
Let’s be proud: Swadeshi-ization of Microprocessors

Did you know that almost all the microprocessors in the world are developed in countries such as the US, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea? From the humble TV remote and mobile phones to sophisticated machines on the shop floor and rocket guidance systems, there is no way that you can do without […]

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