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From everyday gadgets to the factory shop floor everything is getting smarter, making Industry 4.0 or the Factory of the Future a reality.

Such Smart Devices or Smart Machines are embedded with sensors, PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) and other kinds of Data Acquisition Systems. These systems emit very valuable data signals which can prove to be valuable if observed, captured, processed and analysed. Such insights often turn out to be providing unfair competitive advantage for businesses that invest in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Analytics initiatives.

For instance, Digi2O offers predictive maintenance analytics solution for Industrial IoT, enabling proactive scheduling of maintenance tasks and eliminates unplanned downtime of machines, optimizes maintenance costs and increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Using sensors and benchmark values, IIoT products and services can trigger alerts highlighting equipment condition, start preventive maintenance and loop all necessary stakeholders in between offering end-to-end resolution.

Digi2O’s strength in analytics and data visualisation provides deeper visibility into operations by providing operational insights to re-engineer processes and improve efficiency. Our IOT Experts and Analytics professionals capture data against key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that enable enterprises to proactively monitor deviations or any breaches in set thresholds. Accurate interactive data visualizations empower enterprises to drive service delivery, quality and efficiency.

Benefits of IIoT Analytics Capabilities
• Data-Driven informed decision making
• Timely Improvement of Product Performance
• Optimizing Customer Experience
• Standardizing Complex Business Processes
• Attain Operational Efficiency
• Identifying new revenue streams


8th April 2021
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24th December 2020
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6th October 2020
Let’s be proud: Swadeshi-ization of Microprocessors

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