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Increasing life of Drive Shafts and pre-emptively reducing warranty claims by increasing life.
IIOT Automotive propeller Shaft Case Study

Indian JV of USD 8 B global auto component and systems supplier that supplies driveline products to leading OEMs. Digi2O is currently engaged in doing preliminary study for the customer to design a suitable solution to the problem, which is complex in nature.


To understand the field use (or abuse) of drive shafts, particularly for off-highway vehicles, and to provide solutions for enhancing their life and reduction of warranty claims.

Requirement is to capture real time torque data of the shaft and the temperature at the universal joints. Torque data allows understanding of loading pattern of the vehicle and provide alerts when overloaded. Temp data at joints allow one to understand if proper lubrication is maintained and alert if there is a potential problem. Digi2O is presently studying the types of sensors and the powering and data communication methods that will be required for the solution.


The proposed system predicts breakdown to extend life of the drive shafts. It also reduces warranty costs, potential reduction in abuse thereby reducing the overall maintenance costs of vehicles for customers.

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Roy Chowdhury

Head of R&D
We witnessed a fully functional prototype of an excellent internet of things (IoT) application for a specific business use case with lot of promise. The results were incredible and showed lots of potential. Thanks to Digi2O and their exceptional team members who made this possible in a short turnaround time.

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